Video Marketing for the Multifamily Industry

Video Marketing

Video is a growing medium that can’t be ignored. In 2015 online video consisted of 57% of consumer internet traffic. In 2018, that number is expected to rise to 79%!
  • The reason for this growth is because 90% of the information human’s process is visual. In comparison to text, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain.
  • This is why videos are so compelling. The viewer is able to interpret emotion, cadences, and gestures from video that isn’t possible with text.
Video Advertising
We can create compelling videos to rent more units, share your company story. If that be a corporate video, authentic interview with a key leader, or job specific interviews designed to share the company story.
PPC Remarketing
We can create custom audiences for all those potential passive and active visitors to your brand pages. We can then target ads to stay top of mind.
Improve Social Advertising
With our target advertising and video solutions, we can reach your ideal audience.
Improve Recruitment Opportunities
Videos are a great way to tell a company story and create a memorable visual experience.